Maritime Port Services in the dutch Harbour

In the Dutch ports we can provide various services with our ships.

Transport by water by freighter with ADN, called “Sagitta”, 55 meters long, 7.30 meters wide and 558 tons, 950 m3.

Transport over water by tank called “Tarius” 25 meters long and 4.97 meters wide 118 tons 145 M3 large suitable for diesel oil, gas oil, sludge and lens oil water.

Water transport by push boat called “Aquila” 212 HP suitable for towing and pushing between other houseboats, deck lights, ships and containers.

Transport over water by Mini Pusher called “Sirius” can do everything that Aquila can do, but because of its shallow draft and height in small channels.

Water transport per passenger ship Ämy ”

Providing maritime services, such as personnel as skipper, mate or sailor. In and rental of deck lights, inland vessels or other floating equipment. .

Diving company.

Loading Discharge barges.

Maritime services in Dutch ports.

Towing services.


Work on location.